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As a strategy led designer, I import your ideas from conception to computer to hard copy.  I contribute by helping you to focus on your goals and to help your business reach its customers. Whether you want to rejuvenate your brand or branch into the next exciting phase of your business, I can get you to connect with your audience and increase your sales.

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After intense research, I discovered a lovely old photograph of the Bodega @ St. Peter’s Market which I then painted.  This painting was used in advertisements, menus, posters for the launch of the Bodega reopening in 2009.  A favourite of the owner, Benny McCabe!

graphic design, graphic designers, brochures, brochure

Cork City Council | Rapid Report on Social Exclusion, circa 2013

graphic design, brochures, brochure, annual report

Cork City Council | EAPN Report | Available from Amazon

graphic designers, graphic design, brochure, brochures

Cork City Council | EAPN report | Available on Amazon

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